• Citizenship planning


In an era where political, economic and security situations across the world change in the blink of an eye, acquiring dual citizenship has become an essential requirement for the High Net worth individual. Among the many reasons which have encouraged individuals to acquire dual citizenship are security, ease of travel due to visa-free access, taxation, and financial benefits and social security. For individuals coming from politically and economically unstable countries, it is probably their most valuable investment which has changed from being a luxury to an un-ignorable option.
We at Empire have been at the forefront of this rapidly changing field and have facilitated the acquisition of a second passport or citizenship for numerous clients from across the globe. We provide the option of applying for citizenship from some of the most stable and secure countries of the world through well-defined schemes. These schemes are based on Investment by the Individual and have been started to promote the local economy of the nations.
Our global expertise at Empire enables us to provide an option for second citizenship from Antigua and Barbuda, Austria, Cyprus, Grenada, Bulgaria, Dominica, Malta, and St. Kitts and Nevis. For the uninitiated, the options might evoke confusion at first sight, but we at Empire would help you make the right choice by providing you with complete economic and political information of every country. We will guide you through the entire process ranging from the documentation requirements to arranging and structuring the investment commitments required for the acquisition of second citizenship.
We encourage you to contact us immediately with your requirements and assure you prompt service, a claim which all our previous clients would unequivocally endorse.

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