Company Formation

Formation of a company is one of the first steps for any business activity and online gaming is no exception. However, as a highly regulated sector, forming a company for online gaming has a few primary hurdles including:

  • The specialized company type or structures required for applying for an online gaming license.
  • The Board structure for an online gaming company.
  • The shareholding requirements in an online gaming company.
  • The appointment of specialized members or employees in an online gaming company.
  • The minimum capital requirements.
  • Domicile and Residential status requirements for the shareholders or board members.

Besides these hurdles, under many situations, the identity and privacy of the ultimate beneficial owners have to be protected. Many jurisdictions also do not allow companies incorporated outside their country to apply for an online gaming license.

Empire understands the specialized requirements and provides company formation assistance in all major jurisdictions providing online gaming licenses. We have partners across the globe and can provide local support for the processes. We request you to get in touch with your specialized needs to enable us to serve you better.

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