A company faces many regulatory issues in its day-to-day functioning and the Corporate Business area aims to cover all these subject areas under one umbrella. The ever-increasing number of laws and regulations which need to be complied with by the companies make it even more complicated for the businesses to perform in the market. This is in addition to the highly competitive market wherein new competitors emerge every day.

We at Empire believe that businesses should be only concentrated on doing what they do best- building great products and services while we take care of the compliance and the legal hurdles.

The main issues which deal with in our corporate business are:

  • Forming the most suitable legal structure whether it be a company or an LLP
  • Dealing with Corporate Governance issues
  • Dealing with statutory compliance
  • Helping with business documentation and agreements
  • Keeping the businesses updated with upcoming legalization and compliance required for them

We posses’ experts in all the business areas and we can customize packages based on your individual needs. We look forward to streamlining all the paperwork for your business with minimum hassles.

Corporate Business