Hong Kong

Hong Kong, one of the last British Territories in Asia became a part of Mainland China in 1997. The island however still is classified as a Special Administrative Region of China thereby providing it with a number of special benefits including a special immigration regime. Hong Kong is now known as global trade and business and financial hub with most businesses in Asia having a branch or a Controlling office in Hong Kong. Keeping this in mind Hong Kong has been marketed as ‘Asia’s World City.’
The city boasts of a well developed public transport system and also has one of the highest life expectancies in the world. It also has a very high standard of living and a well developed medical care system.
Hong Kong has tried to promote the immigration of investors and highly skilled residents in the country. The two main schemes for this purpose are ‘The Capital Investment Entrant Scheme’ and the ‘Business Investment Visa.’
Although the Capital Investment Entrant Scheme has been put on hold temporarily, the Capital Investment Business Investment Visa fulfills approximately the same purpose. The Scheme basically aims to create jobs and employment for the local population while ensuring an inflow of capital for the country.

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