Japan, one of the largest economies of the world can also be a destination for an offshore bank account due to its well-developed banking system and relatively high Banking secrecy. It is one of the most developed and technologically advanced economies of the world and the impact of technology can also be seen in the banking sector wherein most of the normal functions such as printing of statements and deposits and transfers are all conducted automatically.


Japan Banking Program

Japan has a number of banks from across the globe that set up their branches in the country. A large number of famous Japanese local banks serve the customers as well. As Japan is home to a large number of Multi-National companies, so the banks are generally aware of the needs of their customers and international service standards. Most of the banks also have websites in English for the aid of their customers A Japanese Banking account is even more essential if you plan to expand your business into Japan and the emerging Asian market.

We at Empire can support you with our expertise in this field and enable you to open an account that is best suited to your needs.

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