Lebanon is one of the most developed economies in the Middle East which also features prominently on the global tourist map. Located in the Mediterranean, Lebanon boasts of a warm climate and close connections both with Asia and Africa. It is a favored destination for foreign tourists giving it a multicultural outlook.


Lebanon Banking Program

Lebanon is also a little known global banking destination which has in recent years emerged as one of the favorites, particularly for investors from the Middle Eastern Nations. Its location, extremely strong banking rules, and international quality banks all make it a favorite among the customers. Lebanese banks offer special products for its international customers and have multilingual staff to assist in their banking needs.

The country boasts of strong banking secrecy rules and the country also provides a favorable taxation regime with a large number of tax exemptions to foreign customers. The Government has also tried to encourage the use of technology to make them more favorable to customers.
Banking in Lebanon is controlled by The Banque du Liban (The Central Bank of Lebanon) and there are more than 20 Local and Foreign Banks serving their customers in Lebanon. The banks offer to the bank in multiple currencies and also a relatively high rate of interest.

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