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Malta, an island nation that is also a member of the European Union and Euro area (Eurozone) has emerged as a global financial services hub. The island boasts of a very strong economy bolstered by strong investment from investors across the globe.
Malta boasts of very prominent banking culture and is thought that for a small nation, Malta’s banks hold Billions of dollars of deposits from foreign investors. The confidence imposed by the foreign depositors is due to the fact that the Maltese Banking system is well regulated by The Malta Financial Services Authority and the Central Bank of Malta.
A number of banks including prominent Foreign Banks provide services in Malta to cater to international customers. Almost all the banks have personalized services for High Net worth Individuals and well defined Private Banking services.
Malta also gives an advantage of a number of Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements signed with countries across the globe enabling the customers of Maltese Banks to claim taxation benefits.

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