Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions are a part of business history of every major business. It is one of the most preferred ways for businesses to grow and in other times a way for businesses to be rescued. However, almost every process of a merger or an acquisition is a result of background work which may have been in progress for years on end.

Mergers and acquisitions normally involve the following issues:
• Estimation of the value of the assets.
• Price determination and agreement on price.
• Due diligence process on all aspects of the assets or the company.
• Obtaining Regulatory and share holder clearances

Empire through its well qualified team can assist you in all these processes to ensure that your planned acquisitions or merger can be completed smoothly.

A number of M&A Transactions can spread over a long duration and have inherent complexities involved and Empire can provide you the relevant advice to tackle with possible disruptions. We also undertake the necessary care to ensure that the transactions do not get impeded in unwanted disputes or controversies.

Certain factors such as employee consents and international impact of the transactions are frequently ignored by businesses. However, these misses may prove costly for the businesses and Empire ensures that all these issues can be tackled well in advance to ensure that there is no impediment in your final transaction.

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