Nevis is part of the highly popular tourist destination and among the first islands to be colonized in the Caribbean, St. Kitts, and Nevis. It has one of the most developed economies in the Caribbean. As it was among the first of the ‘West Indies’ islands to be colonized, it is called the ‘Mother Colony of the West Indies.’ It boasts of an excellent climate all year round and a very safe and secure location.


Nevis Banking Program

Nevis is also a favored banking destination for many High net worth individuals particularly from Europe and the Americas. The country has very friendly rules for banking with favorable taxation rules as well.
The most important factor which pulls people towards Nevis is that the main language used here is English which makes it very easy to conduct the banking operations. This coupled with the fact that the cost of maintaining an account is generally very low makes it a favored option. Nevis also provides you an option of more than six banks from which you can select your preferred option based on your needs.

We at Empire can provide your customized support based on your needs and individual priorities for the account.

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