Russia is a country that spans two continents, offering a unique blend of Eastern and Western cultures. It is the largest country in the world, with stunning natural landscapes and vibrant cities. From the iconic onion domes of St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow to the picturesque canals of St. Petersburg, Russia is a country that never fails to capture the imagination of visitors. Its rich history, art, literature, and music have made a profound impact on the world. Additionally, Russia is home to a diverse and hospitable population, who take pride in their culture and traditions. Whether you are interested in exploring the country’s vast wilderness, immersing yourself in its history and culture, or simply enjoying its delicious cuisine, Russia is a destination that promises to leave a lasting impression.


Russian Citizenship by Investment Overview

The Russian Golden Visa program was introduced at the start of 2023, offering a formal means of aligning with other nations that provide citizenship in exchange for specific investments. The program is primarily focused on drawing in high-caliber foreign investors to the country. It aims to encourage foreign businesspeople to invest in Russia and gain citizenship in return. Essentially, the program is tailored to appeal to individuals seeking to expand their business operations within Russia while simultaneously securing Russian citizenship.

Investors can participate in the Russian Citizenship by Investment program with a minimum investment of 215,000 USD, which is required for investment in social projects across the country. However, the investment amount can be higher depending on the type of investment made. For instance, investing in real estate within the City of Moscow would require a higher investment amount of 715,000 USD. It is worth noting that real estate investment in other regions of the country such as the Far East and Moscow region is comparably less, requiring only 285,000 USD and 360,000 USD, respectively.

To qualify for this program, investors must meet certain criteria, such as having a minimum net worth of RUB 100 million (approximately $1.3 million) and investing at least RUB 10 million (approximately $135,000) in a Russian business or charity. They must also have a clean criminal record and meet other eligibility requirements.

Once the investment is made, the applicant must go through a rigorous vetting process, which includes background checks and interviews. If the applicant is approved, they will be granted a temporary residence permit, which is valid for three years. After living in Russia for at least one year, the investor may then apply for Russian citizenship. The entire process can take several years, but for those who are committed to investing in the Russian economy and becoming citizens of the country, it can be a worthwhile endeavor.

Key benefits

Visa free travel

Attractive tax system

Dual citizenship

Other benefits

Antigua and Barbuda’s Citizenship by Investment Program offer several key benefits for investors, including:

  1. Visa-free travel: Successful applicants are granted Antigua and Barbuda citizenship, which includes visa-free travel to more than 130 countries, including the UK, Canada, and the countries in the Schengen area. This provides investors with greater mobility and access to global opportunities.
  2. Low tax regime: Antigua and Barbuda has a low tax regime, with no personal income tax, capital gains tax, or inheritance tax. This makes it an attractive destination for investors seeking to minimize their tax liabilities.
  3. Stable political climate: Antigua and Barbuda has a stable political climate, with a democratic government and a history of peaceful transitions of power. This provides investors with a secure and predictable environment in which to do business.
  4. Fast processing time: The Citizenship by Investment Program has a fast and efficient processing time, with citizenship granted within four to six months. This allows investors to quickly secure second citizenship and take advantage of the benefits it offers.
  5. Dual citizenship: Antigua and Barbuda allows for dual citizenship, meaning investors can maintain their current citizenship while also holding Antigua and Barbuda citizenship. This provides investors with greater flexibility and the ability to access more opportunities.
  6. Investment options: The program offers two investment options, a contribution to the National Development Fund or an investment in an approved real estate project. Investors can also choose to invest in an approved business, which requires a minimum investment of $1.5 million and the creation of at least three jobs for Antigua and Barbuda citizens. These options provide investors with a range of investment opportunities to suit their needs and preferences.

Overall, Antigua and Barbuda’s Citizenship by Investment Program offers a range of benefits for investors seeking a second citizenship. Its visa-free travel, low tax regime, stable political climate, fast processing time, dual citizenship, and investment options make it an attractive destination for those looking to diversify their personal and business interests.

Russian Citizenship

Main requirements

  • 1

    Ownership of a company: Applicants who are entrepreneurs and run their businesses might be eligible to move to Russia and get a residence permit under the program. To qualify for a residence permit using this method, the applicant has to increase the capital in the company by 15 million rubles if it’s a Russian company. If it’s a foreign company, the applicant should increase the capital in the company by 50 million rubles. The only other requirement is that the company must be operational for a period of at least three years. However, it’s not clear whether this three-year period is before or after the issuance of the residence permit.

  • 2

    Investment in a new business: Applicants should invest a minimum of 10 million rubles into the business and the business should hire at least 10 Russian citizens as employees. Based on these requirements, this is probably the most affordable way to obtain residency in Russia with the golden visa program.

  • 3

    Investment in an existing business: The company must be in operation for at least three years. In addition, the company should pay taxes of 6 million rubles to the Russian government and employ at least 25 employees. Moreover, when using this option, the applicant does not have to become a shareholder of the company. However, it’s not clear whether this three-year period should elapse before the applicant’s application or after the issuance of the residence permit.

  • 4

    Investment in government bonds: The applicant should hold government bonds to the value of 30 million rubles for at least three years before they can apply for the residence permit. This is the ideal option for investors who want to obtain a residence permit in Russia but without investing in a business or real estate.

  • 5

    Birth certificate and marriage certificate (if applicable) must be presented.

  • 6

    Health check: The medical history of the applicant and information about the source of investments are required.

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