Saint Lucia Mutual Fund License

Mutual Funds in Saint Lucia are regulated under the International Mutual Funds Act. A Saint Lucia Mutual Fund License is of two types: a license for International Public Mutual Funds which allows for the operation of funds open to the public for investment or registration for International Private Mutual Funds which permits the participation of fewer than a hundred investors.

An application for a Saint Lucia Mutual Fund License has to be made to the Minister through the Director. A Public License is suitable for businesses willing to offer services to the public. The first step for the application process is the registration of an International Business Company, International Partnership or Unit Trust in the country. This is followed by the actual application process. The licenses are in turn issued by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority.

An International Public Mutual Fund which seeks to be licensed in Saint Lucia will need to obtain the services of a Licensed Administrator and a Licensed Manager for the fund.

The fee for an application for a Saint Lucia Mutual Fund License is $500. An annual fee of $1000 also has to be paid every year to renew the license.

In addition to the application process, there is a need for continued compliance including maintenance of accounting records and submission of information to the Director.

If you are interested in learning more about an Saint Lucia Fund License and how it can help your business, please complete the form on this page and one of our dedicated team of experienced professionals will assist you through the entire process of obtaining an Saint Lucia Fund License.

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