A developed economy of Asia, Singapore boasts of some of the highest standards of living in the world. It is a business hub and hosts offices of some of the biggest companies in the world. Many investors consider it as their stop on the way to the major Asian economies such as Indonesia, India, and China.

Singapore Banking

Singapore Banking Program

The island has a highly developed services sector which provides employment to the majority of the population. It is also an important tourist destination for travelers primarily from Asia and Europe. Due to its investor and tax-friendly regime, Singapore also attracts a number of start-up entrepreneurs. Singapore continues to grow rapidly due to support from the government and the continued investments made by individuals from across the world.
The Banking Industry in Singapore is also highly developed and it attracts High Net worth individuals from across the world primarily owing to its sophisticated nature and due to the fact that prominent banks from across the globe provide their services here. On the other hand, is highly stable and has also been affected to a very limited extent by the global financial turmoil.

The Empire team with specialized knowledge about banking in Singapore can assist you with the process of opening and maintaining a Bank account in Singapore.

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