A well known international trading destination and a global transportation and business hub, Singapore is considered as a glowing example of a recently developed major economy. It ranks among the best places in the world for business and has a well developed financial system. Singapore is also home to many Asian multinational companies who are attracted to the investor-friendly policies on the island.
For the prospective immigrant, Singapore provides a variety of schemes under which they can obtain permanent residence in Singapore. The Singaporean Government has continuously tried to promote the residency of highly skilled individuals and investors.

Among the most popular schemes for migration in Singapore are:

  • The Global Investor Programme invites Investors and Entrepreneurs to reside in the country for investors who can prove a profitable business and a business plan.
  • The Employment Pass scheme which allows foreign individuals earning more than $3,300 to work in Singapore. The spouses and Children of a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Residenstyle can claim for residency.
  • The aged parents of a Singapore Citizen can claim for residency.

It must be noted here that individuals who hold a Singapore Permanent Residency from 2 to 6 years can apply for citizenship. Hence, obtaining a residence permit may be the first step to be a citizen of Singapore.
Our team at Empire can assist you in your citizenship or Permanent Residence Application in Singapore through the entire process.

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