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Citizenship Planning

Citizenship in modern times brings with it a lot of inherent benefits associated primarily with the ease of visa-free travel, but also extending to security, quality of life and access to social security which has prompted many citizens to acquire a second citizenship and thus giving rise to a relatively recent area of citizenship planning.
The subject of citizenship planning involves the use of legal means to acquire the citizenship of a second country and requires a high degree of specialization and knowledge of the legislation of the respective countries. This is where the expertise of Empire comes in and we ensure that the entire process is completed smoothly at minimum expenditure.
The acquisition of second citizenship involves many issues that need to be tackled on a case by case basis. These may involve the amount of investment required for the country, location of the country, the type of investment which the country prefers and the conditions which the client needs to fulfill.
In addition to the individual, acquisition of second citizenship can also be advantageous for financial professionals who seek to acquire citizenship of a second country for claiming taxation and financial benefits. An encouraging trend that has been seen in recent times is the growth of planning by individuals for their entire family to ensure the security of their life and property particularly due to social and economic unrest in a few countries.
We at Empire believe in providing customized guidance for every client after understanding their specific needs and to ensure that the process of acquiring second citizenship does not impact their normal business through the need for long processing or residential periods.

We encourage you to contact us with your requirements to enable us to provide you with an individualized option.

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